Photo by Love Be Photography

Photo by Love Be Photography


- an art & design team for one-of-a-kind wedding paper -

"What if your artist, calligrapher, designer, and printing services were all in one place?" 

Alex Fly and Sherri Arias started creating wedding suites together in 2015 by offering an answer to that very question. They thrive on chatting about love stories, choosing the just-the-right ink color, and curating artistic suites that will become heirlooms. While Alex specializes in calligraphy and design, Sherri's artwork and eye for floral arrangements adds an unmatched level of detail to each suite. 

Their work has been known to elicit joyous reactions from wedding guests and hang on fridges long after the wedding day is over. 



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Photo by Rebecca Long Photography

Photo by Rebecca Long Photography

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, so it's no surprise that I have always possessed a deep need for creative outlets.  I went from selling handmade signs in elementary school to picking up photography gigs in college, and then officially starting a little jewelry business in 2013 (soon after marrying my college sweetheart, Kevin). I experienced lots of growth, change, practice, and lessons learned along the way & now I'm able to focus my creative ventures on weddings and words full time! I love chatting about love stories with my clients and sending out love notes through The Harvest Letters. I am at my worst when the coffee pot runs dry and my desk is eerily clean; I am at my best when incorporating textures, traditions, and stories into my work. 


addressing stacks of envelopes, scribbling down thoughts the old-fashioned way, randomly belting out Johnnyswim lyrics, following every rule but ignoring the instructions, quoting quirky T.V. shows, cheering on the Auburn Tigers, discussing Jesus and amazing grace, taking long walks with my little family, drinking a Lorelai-Gilmore amount of coffee, laughing at lists of cheesy puns, welcoming strangers-turned-friends into our home, and reading all of the books.

I'm so glad you stopped by!